Signs You Need a Professional Mold Testing Service

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Mold can have some serious negative effects on your health, especially if you or a loved one have preexisting health conditions such as asthma or other respiratory issues. Mold testing is a great way to locate any potential mold growth in your home and prevent prolonged exposure to it. If you suspect that your home might have mold growth, here are some of the signs that you need to hire a professional mold testing service.

Signs You Need a Professional Mold Testing Service

  • A foul mold odor. Strange smells often indicate the presence of something that shouldn’t be there. If you smell mold, chances are good that there is mold present and you should hire a mold testing service to locate the growth.
  • Your allergies or asthma seem to be getting worse. Springtime allergies are common and can get worse during different parts of the season, but increased allergies or asthma symptoms may not always be Mother Nature’s fault. Mold growth can aggravate your allergies and respiratory symptoms.
  • Water leaks. Mold thrives in dark, damp environments, so if you’ve recently had a water leak anywhere in your home, there’s a chance that mold has been given the opportunity to grow. Be sure to hire a professional mold testing service to scope out anywhere there has been a recent water leak.

Don’t let mold growth harm you or your family members’ health. Mold testing can help prevent health issues from getting worse, so reach out to us here at Kulumo Home Inspection Services Lake Norman to hire our mold testing services for your home.