Home Mold Test: Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait

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A mold problem in your home can sometimes turn into a mold emergency if it is left unattended. Unfortunately, mold can thrive in the right environment and be difficult to get rid of if it isn’t addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Home Mold Test: Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait

You should definitely schedule a home mold test if you are experiencing one or more of these four issues:

  1. Water Damage – If you have had prior water damage or experienced recent water damage at your home, a home mold test is a good idea. Even if you’ve had water remediation done to ensure that all of the water is gone, it’s a good idea to test for mold to make sure there are no lingering issues.
  2. High Humidity – Mold thrives in certain conditions, and high humidity is one of them. Any area where there is moisture-rich air will help mold survive, thrive, and grow. If your home has one or more high-humidity areas, a home mold test is a good idea.
  3. Funny Odors – Did you know that one indicator of a mold problem can be a persistent and odd odor? If you’ve noticed that you have a funky smell in your home but are having trouble determining its source, a home mold test could lead to the answers.
  4. Unexplained Health Concerns – Unfortunately, many people have mold sensitivities that will present in the form of illness, allergies, or other health concerns. If you or one of your family members is experiencing an unexplained health issue, a home mold test may be a good step to take.

At Kulumo Home Inspection Services Lake Norman, we believe that professional home mold tests are the best way to find and remediate mold problems. If you have questions or need to schedule this service, contact us today.