What is the EMF Home Assessment Process and Why Do I Need It?

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The EMF Home Assessment Process

We all need a healthy home and a healthy night’s sleep to regenerate our bodies. However, we are exposed to various sources of radiation, both inside and outside our home. Although invisible, the radiation has a significant influence on our body and health.

A home radiation assessment will allow you to know what is happening. Then, we can develop a plan of action with the right products and the right budget.

What is the EMF Home Assessment Process and Why Do I Need It?

We are exposed to:

  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation from numerous sources, such as smart meters, laptops, TVs, alarm clocks, baby monitors, etc.
  • Electric Fields (EF) from wiring in the walls
  • Radio Frequency (RF) radiation from cell towers
  • Magnetic Fields (MF) from transmission and distribution lines

Sleep is essential. Sleep helps to boost your immune system, so you can fight off illnesses more effectively.

So, making your bedroom a place where your exposure to radiation is reduced is vital to your body being able to recover.

With a home assessment, the EMF professional is able to:

  • assess the source of radiation
  • create solutions to reduce the radiation levels and protect you and your family

The Geovital Academy only works with measurable and verifiable solutions.

This is an interactive process and should be experienced by you and your significant other, if you have one. It will take approximately 2 to 3 hours and conclude with a discussion of the findings and solutions.

The following is included in an EMF home assessment:

  • The measurement of low frequency magnetic fields from power cables and wiring running past the home, to the home, and to some extent, into the home.
  • The measurement of low frequency magnetic fields from solar panels and inverters.
  • The measurement of low frequency electric field exposure. Here we ask you to lie on your bed and then we measure the body for exposure; we actually find this is an issue in 90-95% of the homes.
  • Measurement of high frequency radiation. This is also measured while you are lying on the bed.

The home office and other areas in your home where you would spend a significant amount of daytime hours will also be assessed. The EMF professional will give you suggestions on how you personally can manage the various forms of radiation found in these areas.

At the end of the assessment, you will receive:

  • a measurement protocol report,
  • a summary of the findings, and
  • an approach on how to address the findings if needed.

Don’t delay – schedule an EMF home assessment now!