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How EMF Testing Affects You

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In our current age of technology, there are so many different advancements that help us organize and operate our daily lives. Unfortunately, some of these advancements can pose health risks to us and our families when they aren’t managed or monitored properly.

How EMF Testing Affects You

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are created by some of the technology that powers our homes and businesses each day, but they can also create a risk to our health. Electromagnetic pollution is common in many living and working spaces and can come from things we use daily such as our computers, gaming consoles, appliances, and wired devices. Additionally, EMF pollution can also be derived from the power lines and cell towers near homes and businesses.

One of the ways to determine how much electromagnetic pollution is affecting your daily life is with EMF testing, which can give you more insight into this potential hazard and offer opportunities for correction. EMF testing is conducted using professional-grade digital meters, which can determine the level of electromagnetic pollution inside and around your property. Once the results are in, they can be interpreted to determine if there are any specific steps you should take to reduce this pollution and create a safer, healthier environment.

Fortunately, there are some immediate things you can do to reduce EMF pollution, such as installing LED bulbs for lighting, unplugging/powering down wired devices when they aren’t in use, and replacing old televisions and computers with newer models, since they emit less “dirty” electricity. EMF testing is also ideal when you want to learn more about the bigger picture and how you can more dramatically reduce EMFs in and around your home.

At Kulumo Home Inspection Services Lake Norman, we can provide EMF testing to give you more insight into this potentially threatening concern. If you’re interested in EMF testing or have questions about this service, contact us today.