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3 Signs it’s Time to Schedule Professional Mold Testing

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As a homeowner, mold isn’t something you want to deal with. But mold problems are an extremely common part of owning a home, and they are something you might encounter at some point. If you feel like you need to schedule professional mold testing, here are some signs you’re probably right:

3 Signs it’s Time to Schedule Professional Mold Testing

  1. Prior water damage—If your home recently sustained water damage due to a broken appliance, flood, or another situation, it’s highly likely that mold could start to grow, especially if the moisture wasn’t totally eradicated. If you feel like there’s a risk that mold could be growing in your home, schedule professional mold testing.
  2. Visible mold growth—Have you noticed small spots of mold somewhere in your home? Don’t ignore them and hope they go away on their own. Instead, contact us at Kulumo Home Inspection Services Lake Norman for reliable, professional mold testing.
  3. Health issues—Do you or one of your family members constantly have a runny nose, itchy eyes, or a sore throat when you’re at home? Mold could be the culprit. Schedule a mold inspection if you believe hidden mold is creating an unhealthy environment in your home.

During your mold testing appointment, we’ll give you a clearer idea about whether your home has mold and how extensive the damage is. To learn more about what will happen during your mold testing appointment or to get on our schedule, contact us today.